Q: When are you open?
A: Mon - Fri, 8am - 6pm, Saturday, 8:30am - 5pm, Sunday, 9am - 4pm but if you are just driving by and our gates are open, then we are open. If one or both of the gates are closed then we are either closed or in the process of closing.

Q: Do I still need to water if it rains?
A: For planters and hanging baskets yes, you still need to water them. This is because the flowers and leaves block most of the water from hitting the soil therefore making your plant wet but not the roots which is where the water is absorbed. 

Q: How often do I need to water?
A: In the spring and especially the summer you need to water planters and hanging baskets everyday. When the weather is very hot and/or windy you may have to water twice a day.

Q: Can you over water hanging baskets and planters?
A: If the hanging basket and planter have proper drainage no, any excess water would drain out the bottom.

Q: What's the difference between an annual and a perennial?
A: Annuals only last one season while perennials come back very year.

Q: What annuals require the least amount of maintenance? 
A: Fibrous begonias are very low maintenance and are both sun and shade tolerant. Another option for a low maintenance sun annual is portulaca. 

Q: How often should I fertilize my outdoor flowers?
A: If you are using a water soluble fertilizer it is best to fertilize once a week. For a granular fertilizer you would need to consult the directions that come with it.

Q: Why aren't there many blooms on my flowers?
A: Two possibilities are that is it not getting an adequate amount of sun or it is not getting enough nutrients. The possible solutions are to move the plant to a sunnier area or to fertilize them.

Q: What should I plant at a cemetery?
A: Portulaca is a good option for a low growing drought tolerant flower, while geranium are good if you want a larger taller flower that requires less water than most other annuals. However, you must keep in mind that both of these flowers still need to be watered and will not survive if they are just left alone.

Q: Is my yard considered full sun, part sun or shade?
A: Generally speaking, full sun plants would need sun for three quarters of the day, part sun would need a half day and shade would be less than half a day of sun. Please keep in mind that a lot of gardening is trial and error so even though in theory a plant should grow where you want, things may not work out in practice.

Q: Why are you allowed to have animals?
A: Since our property has always been home to animals we have been grandfathered in and are therefore allowed to have farm animals within city limits.