About Us

Our History

Our story begins with Bill Wear, the founder of our family business. The beautiful old farm house and property on which store resides is the family home of Bill Wear which he grew up in with his mother and father. The historic house itself has seven bedrooms and at one point in its long life served as a boarding house for travelling salesmen where they could rent a room. Later on, Bill's mother, Sarah, opened a general store and Bill being the entrepreneur that he was decided he wanted to give flower selling a go, thus begins our history officially begins.

He began to sell a few flowers out of a building on the front of the property, which is no longer there. This later evolved into building a few greenhouses to grow geraniums in. The bones of these greenhouses can still be seen if you visit us. Bill grew his flower business so much that he moved the flower shop into the main house and supported other green houses in the area by selling their flowers during gardening season.

Sadly, Bill passed away in 2016 but his legacy and business live on in his children, Scott and Sandi, who continue to run Wear's Flowers.

Our Animals

Over the years, our property has always been home to numerous animals and it is for this reason we are still allowed to have farm animals within Hamilton city limits. In the past such animals included horses, rabbits, geese, ducks, and pigeons but currently we are home to a number of pygmy goats and bantam chickens.